Friday, October 30, 2009


One late night, two loops were up late goofing off and having a wonderful time. One of the loops was being ridiculous and the other exclaimed, "You're such a Nutball!" Silence insued, then the loop carefully said, "Oops, that could've come out very wrong." The loops cracked up, it was so funny! From now on remember that if someone is being silly they are "such a Nutball." LOL!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Monkeys and Bananas

During one of our study sessions, us loops were in the library study room actually getting some studying done and we were all being very good and productive. Until, one loop said wait you have to listen to this song. So this loop play the song... and it was about monkeys eating bananas, it was an amazing song and gave a great laugh. However, during the test later that afternoon all this loop could think about was monkeys and bananas.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One late night as the fruit loops were studying, eyes were closing and the group was ready to call it quits. "Wait!" said one fruit loop, "We need to do jumping jacks!" So they all got up and started doing 20 jumping jacks. One of the loops was doing a crazy kind of jumping around, so they all started doing the fruit loop dance. After the dancing around, two of the loops were still unfocused so they decided to do handstands on the wall. The one loop couldn't get up into a handstand and she had to do a headstand instead. This all concluded in the loops rolling with laughter and then continuing to study for a little while longer.


History, through the eyes of a fruit loop

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there were three little pigs. Each lived in a separate house and abided by his own rules. Alone, however, each little piggy became very lonely and wanted a friend, so they got together, wrote some articles, and made a confederation. This weak alliance held them together for a while, but eventually the first little piggy got fed up with the third little piggy, and the second little piggy was torn between sides, tried to ignore it, but couldn't, so he got frustrated at the both of them, and it was one BIG MESS! They realized they needed a new plan.
Now over the hill lived a pack a wolves--vegetarian wolves, of course--they had made alliances with the three little pigs too, and so went to help them revise the Articles of Confederation. When the day of the meeting arrived, the wolves got there early, new plans bubbling in their heads. The pigs were running late, so the wolves, too excited to wait, started planning without them. They thought, they schemed, they wrote and revised and revised and revised, crumpled paper after crumpled paper finding its way to the floor. Finally, they had it. However, this was not a simple revision of the Articles of Confederation but a plan for a whole new Constitution: The Virginia Plan, named after the Alpha's mother. This plan focused on a strong central government--the pack. All states should be unified under one leader, working together under common law. Further more, representation in the new government would be decided by size: large state, large representation; small state, small representation.
The little pigs, who had shown up late and therefore missed most of the planning, felt like this plan would inhibit their liberties, and, being so small, were afraid they would be forever overruled by the large wolf packs. Theirs was The New Jersey Plan--after all they were creating a new kind of team, so why not get new jerseys for everyone? The New Jersey Plan focused on the state. Having a leader was definitely important--they needed someone who could help keep everyone in check. But they wanted to have the freedom to do things their own way too. They also thought that every state should get the same amount of votes, because little piggies are just as important as the big ones.
The pigs and the wolves fought and fought, and eventually they made a Great Compromise, combining the Virginia and the New Jersey plans. Unfortunately for the pigs, since their plan came in last, after the Virginia Plan had practically been put into practice, only a few parts of the New Jersey Plan made it into the constitution, but it was enough.

And that, my friends is how the American Constitution was formed.


Marital Incentives

Yes, it happened during another horrible study session. We were all exhausted and brain-fried. "What are the different types of party incentives?" one fruit loop quizzed the group. Several loops exhibited signs of disinterest, disgust, and utter despair. Who cares about incentives? But one brave loop spoke up: "Solidary Incentives!" This seemed to turn a lightbulb on for another of the loops, who bounced up and down with excitement. "I know this one!" she exclaimed. "Dun-da-da-da, dun-da-da-duh..." she hummed, before pausing and surveying each of our quizzical expressions, an expectant look on her face. "Guys!" she impatiently declared, "Marital incentives!" The room ERUPTED into hysterical laughter. Gasping for breath between howls, another loop made the correction: "It's material incentives, not marital incentives." Defeated and embarrassed, the errant fruitloop shook her head... and burst into laughter with the rest of us.

Cuddle Party

After a Late night of study, many of the brains of the fruit loop society were fried, so one of the loops said we should end with a cuddle party. So, we all piled on top of each other laughing. One loop recalled a time in class when she told another loop, she was jealous because she heard this loop was going on "dates" with other loops but not her. The girl sitting next to us listening to this conversation, did not take it in the right context, however it was quite a funny situation. But this tends to happen when you are a Fruit Loop.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In the midst of a study session, one fruit loop turned to another and suggested the scheduling of an event. The listening fruit loop responded to this proposition with a simple "Cuando?" The other fruit loop, not very fluent in espanol, replied with the most sincere expression on her face "Question?"